ARLETTE – gewinnt beim MAKE DOX in Mazedonien

Wir, das Team von ARLETTE – Mut ist ein Muskel freuen uns riesig über diesen Preis.

ONION SEED AWARD – for best film in the student competition program

Jury members Voskresija Andreevska, Natasha Petrovikj and Ivan Shopov

WINNER: “Arlette – Courage is a muscle” by Florian Hoffmann

“First, we’d like to bring out the importance of the subject introduced in the film as the author’s choice. In our opinion, it is extremely relevant to give a word to the people whose voice is undistinguished. And this story relies exactly on that- the struggle of an individual found in a country where violence, fear and prevail insecurity prevail, while hope is nearly gone. It’s truly virtuous when one is determined to give to the utterly silenced in these circumstances. Second, the film has successfully escaped platitude, thus provided a spontaneous and vivacious narration filled with humoristic elements in a dignified manner. Hofmann’s cinematic craftsmanship lies in the power to transmit his own empathy to the viewer and display the universal human aspirations, hopes, values and expectations. Finally, we’d like to point out the rebellion aspect of this film. To prevent someone to tell its story is probably the most horrific act of disempowering, clearly stated in this film when Arlene’s camera is taken away from her in order to prevent her of documenting the horrors around her. To conclude: Storytelling is a courage for it takes courage to tell the story of a disabled storyteller.”


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