NEWS im März 2021 zum FILM LOVEMOBIL >>>


When night falls in rural Germany, old VW-caravans decorated with flashy lights line the country roads which lead through potato fields and dark forests. Inside theses buses prostitutes from Eastern Europe and Africa await their clients who are passing by. The film portraits these women who came from far away in search for money and a better life. Until one day, in the ghostly atmosphere, a murder on one of the prostitutes happens and shakes up the whole scenery causing everybody to take action. A film about a microcosm that describes a society at the hardest end of a globalized capitalism.


LOVEMOBILE, 90 min. (2019)
director  producer  editor – ELKE MARGARETE LEHRENKRAUSS

DokFest München – deutscher Wettbewerb 2019 >>>

Neisse Film Festival 2019 >>>

Münchener Filmkunsttage 2019

33. Braunschweig Internationales Film Festival >>>

36. Kasseler Dok Fest >>>

Move it! Filmfestival Dresden – nominiert für den human rights award >>>

Film Fest Osnarbrück – Eröffnungsfilm & winner Friedenspreis >>>

9. Filmkunsttage Sachsen Anhalt – Wettbewerb Langfilm >>>

Dox MX (Mexico) – internationaler Wettbewerb

OAXACA Filmfest (Mex) – nominiert für power docs >>>

Kinenova International Film Festival – winner bester film internationaler Wettbewerb >>>

5. Bremer Filmfestival – nominiert für Bremer Filmpreis >>>

BIAFF Batumi Int. Art House Film Festival 2019 (Georgien) – internationaler Wettbewerb >>> 

Nordamerika Premiere CIFF 2019 Camden International Film

Festival – Cinema vision award >>>

DOC LA – Los Angeles International Filmfestival winner best international documentary >>> 


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